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Abbiamo casa a Barcellona! ecco la nostra storia !

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Avevamo scelto la città, il quartiere, la casa …

Avevamo le idee chiare su tante cose

Avevamo la certezza di voler fare questo passo

Avevamo però un sacco di dubbi a cui era difficile trovare risposta.

Ostacoli previsti come la lingua o la diversa cultura, ma soprattutto difficoltà apparentemente insormontabili come le giuste documentazioni da richiedere, il NIE da ottenere, le diverse abitudini, la comunicazione coi vari interlocutori, …

Ci serviva una persona di fiducia che curasse per noi gli aspetti più delicati, che capisse le sfumature della lingua e  prevedesse le trappole della burocrazia, che sapesse come meglio muoversi per ottenere il risultato migliore … ci serviva un Angelo Custode insomma.

Avendo scelto di non avvalerci di agenzie immobiliari, per cui la casa che ti mostrano è sempre quella giusta, questa nostra necessità si faceva sempre più impellente mano a mano che ci si avvicinava alla stretta finale.

E’ in quel preciso momento che ho avuto la fortuna di imbattermi nel sito ! Mi hanno subito risposto nella persona di Laetitia Lair che assieme al suo staff ci ha immediatamente trasmesso fiducia e sicurezza.

Il nostro nuovo Angelo Custode ci ha letteralmente presi per mano, sviscerando l’affare che avevamo intrapreso, trovandone debolezze e punti di forza. Ha comunicato con il venditore senza concedergli la benchè minima possibilità di truffa, ottenendo tutti i documenti e le assicurazioni possibili. Ci ha supportato durante ogni attimo della trattativa, dal compromesso fino al rogito. il tutto in 2 soli mesi

Laetitia è stata la nostra voce e le nostre orecchie dal notaio, la nostra mano nella gestione delle volture, i nostri occhi nella gestione dei lavori di sistemazione interni… sarà ancora per molto il nostro braccio destro nelle questioni spagnole 🙂

Grazie di tutto BFH, la nostra soddisfazione nell’aver preso casa a Barcellona è in gran parte merito tuo !

We are now the owners of a flat in Barcelona! Here is our story

We had chosen the city, the neighborhood, the flat…

We had clear ideas on so many things…

We were sure we wanted to take this step…

However, we had a lot of doubts to which it was difficult to find an answer….

Obstacles such as language or cultural differences, but above all seemingly insurmountable difficulties when it came down to the right documents to ask from the owner, the NIE to get, the different habits, communication challenges with the various interlocutors, …

We needed a trusted person who would manage for us the most delicate aspects, who understood the nuances of language and guided us through bureaucracy, who knew how best to move to get the best result … we needed a Guardian Angel.

Having decided not to purchase through real estate agencies (for whom the house they are showing you is always the right one), our need became more and more urgent as we had already initiated the purchase process.

It is at that very moment that I have been fortunate enough to find myself at!

They gave us very prompt feedback and Laetitia Lair together with her staff, gave us immediately the right confidence and sense of security.

Our new Guardian Angel literally took us by the hand, examining the deal we had undertaken, finding weaknesses and strengths. She took over the communication with the seller without giving him the slightest chance of scam, getting all the possible documents and guarantees to ensure our interests were protected. She supported us at every step of the process, from the initial agreement to the deed signature. All in just 2 months!

Laetitia was our voice and our ears at the notary, our hand in handling the utilities, our eyes in the management of the interior work … she will still be our right arm in the Spanish issues for a long time 🙂

Thank you for everything, our satisfaction in owning a second home in Barcelona is largely thanks to you!

Pierpaolo & Filippo, Italy

This flat is a little paradise, I couldn't hope for a better collaboration.

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I was looking for a typical old charming flat in Barcelona to renovate, but needed good advices as I knew nothing in this business. BFH heard my wishes, found exactly what I was looking for and worked on the renovation plans.

After facilitating all administration papers, they managed everything in less than 4 months, included buying, renovation and furbishing, all in respect with the planned budget. I duly recommend Barcelona Flat Hunter! 

Margaux – Switzerland

Just one word, “Superb”.

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Laetitia was a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process, very knowledgeable about the market and always went the extra mile when the unexpected happened. I have already recommended her to a number of friends.


Christophe & Washington – Brazil / U.S

Whatever you are looking for, a permanent home, a holiday real estate, an investment opportunity, or something in between, Barcelona Flat Hunter will find it for you

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It has always been a dream for me to acquire a home in Barcelona, being one of the greatest cities in the world. As one can imagine, buying a property abroad from your home country can be a tricky and difficult task. Having the right person and agency to trust, someone who have your best interest, someone who can guide you and explain the in-and-out of the process, and to cover your back is essential. It also requires time and energy, needless to say also resources in screening the market, knowing what is best for you, making sure papers are in order, but also managing your property from A to Z, even after you aquire it.

My experience with Barcelona Flat Hunter, and Laetitia, was nothing but excellent! With her pleasant personality, professionalism, and her dedicated and personalized attention towards me as a client, Laetitia accompanied me from the first day I showed my interest in buying in Barcelona, identified suitable options for me, budget wise but also up to my requirements, striking a fine balance between both.

Laetitia will make sure to negotiate hard on your behalf, and will not advise you to sign unless everything was in order. I will never forget how she advised me to postpone the second signature until I secured part of my loan. It even confirmed further then that she had my best interest at stake, and not looking just to close the deal.

From there it was just a smooth ride, from opening a bank account, securing the credit, changing all the contracts of the apartment in my name, handling needed renovation, but also managing the property and the tenants when am abroad on my travels, including on several occasions needed repairs and the relationship with the insurance company.


In barely two months, my dream came true and I became finally a property owner in one of the best cities in the world.

Whatever you are looking for, a permanent home, a holiday real estate, an investment opportunity, or something in between, Barcelona Flat Hunter will find it for you, and will make sure that your dream becomes finally a reality.

Ramy, Lebanon

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Barcelona Flat Hunter clearly wants to deliver what it is you want

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We have recently completed purchase of a wonderful 2-bedroom apartment in Poblesec, Barcelona, thanks to Laetitia and her team who have guided and actioned every step of the way: from finding the right property through to facilitating a beautiful renovation job and immediately securing good tenants.

Barcelona Flat Hunter’s service is reliable, professional, friendly, and combines a thorough knowledge of all the local real estate, legal, banking, construction systems and recommended service providers with a personalized touch: they clearly want to deliver what it is you want. Whether it’s purely an investment, or a place to live in yourself, or a combination of the two. For us, we wanted a combination, and we are delighted with the apartment we have purchased and renovated. A home and a base in beautiful Barcelona for us to stay when we are in between jobs and an apartment to let out the rest of the year.

Following our initial consultations to establish what it was we were looking for; Laetitia organized several property viewings during the week that we planned to visit Barcelona. We visited the one we finally purchased on our first day. Laetitia guided us through the purchase negotiation with the seller, and four days later we had agreed on the purchase price, opened a bank account in Barcelona, and obtained a Power of Attorney from a notary to enable Barcelona Flat Hunter to complete the purchasing process on our behalf in our absence. We also enjoyed some very nice coffees and conversations along the way!

We very much liked the way that Laetitia would send us video clips with voiceover- something she did each step of the way so that we felt like we were there in the room – from the initial look around the prospective property, through to viewing progress of the semi-renovated and completely renovated apartment. We are delighted with our apartment and what Laetitia and her team have done for us and would highly recommend Barcelona Flat Hunter services to our friends!

Mauro & Matilda – Italy / UK

Uk & Germany clients experience

From our very first conversation, I knew I was in good hands

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From our very first conversation, I knew I was in good hands and wow, Laetitia made things happen! I now have a beautiful flat that is way beyond what I had dreamed of for my price range and can’t wait to move in with my family. Our daughter has already planned her bedroom!

Throughout the, sometimes difficult process, Laetitia’s unshakeable positivity, the wealth of experience and expertise shone through, making sure the outcome was a very happy one.

I can’t thank or recommend the amazing Laetitia and her team enough

Tamsin – UK / Germany

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Si vous recherchez de la confiance, de la confidentialité et de la compétence : ne cherchez plus

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Je remercie Laetitia pour le travail accompli.

Elle a été très à l’écoute de notre besoin et d’une efficacité incroyable. Elle a su régler le moindre de nos problèmes, accentués par notre éloignement.

J’ai aussi apprécié le travail fait pour la négociation… Je dois aussi noter son indicible rigueur et sérieux qui avaient fait défaut dans une tentative d’achat antérieure. En effet, un négociateur français indépendant basé à Barcelone adossé à une agence immobilière locale de renom peu scrupuleuse m’avaient presque décidé à ne pas acheter dans cette magnifique ville.

Si vous recherchez de la confiance, de la confidentialité et de la compétence : ne cherchez plus.

Merci à vous, Laetitia

If you are looking for trust, confidentiality and professional skills: don’t look further

I wish to thanks Laetitia for the work accomplished.

She has been very much attentive to our needs and incredibly efficient. She managed to solve any of the issues we faced, these often made more complex by the distance.
Also, I appreciated the work done negotiation wise… And I got to highlight her great rigor and seriousness which had been lacking during a previous attempt to purchase a flat in Barcelona. At the time, an independent French buyer agent-based in Barcelona alongside a major real estate agency who proved to be unscrupulous nearly decided me not to go forward with a purchase in this amazing city.

If you are looking for trust, confidentiality and professional skills: don’t look further.

Thank you, Laetitia.

Gerry – France

Ammar Lebanon
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My biggest concern was finding a reliable & trusty real estate agent who could hold my best interests with no dubious schemes or hidden costs

I wanted to buy an apartment in Barcelona, but my biggest concern was finding a reliable & trusty real estate agent who could hold my best interests with no dubious schemes or hidden costs. I was lucky enough to be recommended Laetitia, head of Barcelona Flat Hunter by a friend. And, from the very 1st call until the purchase of the apartment and to the subsequent investment discussions, she provided excellent quality services, from up to date information on the real estate market to the financial simulations, real estate visits and best investment options. And, I couldn’t be happier with the end result, which is a beautiful small studio at the heart of Barcelona. I cannot recommend Laetitia enough, she enjoys my full trust and Is one of the most professional and trusty persons I have done business with.