Barcelona is a truly cosmopolitan city that has a lot to offer when it comes to generating revenue through property rental. Whether you wish to have your property rented throughout the year or would rather retain a partial use of it, you should not have issues renting it.

A high demand for property rental

The demand for property rental in Barcelona downtown has been going up one year after the other which in turns is pushing the rental prices up drastically.

Rental prices up by 10.7% in Cataluña

The year 2015 has not only confirmed the trend, it has set a record. With an average rental price increase of 10.7% for Cataluña, this region is the fastest growing one in Spain rental prices wise (ahead of Madrid that records a 6.5% increase).

And up to 18% in central Barcelona

Increase of rental prices in Barcelona city are even higher, some of them for 2015 are as follows: San Martí (18,7%), Les Corts (18,6%), Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (17,6%) y Ciutat Vella (16,2%). Now, from a buy to let perspective, this means an even higher return on investment, as purchase prices are going up at a much slower path.

A steady demand for long term rentals

For the landlords who would rather rent their property the entire year, long term rentals (fixed terms contracts of 3 years) can be an option. Here again, with the right property (location & features), apartments rarely stay vacant for long. As an alternative, especially if the property is furnished, it is often even more advantageous to hold one temporary rental (31+ days minimum) after another.

Highest rental prices in Spain

As of 2015, Barcelona old city (Ciutat Vella) became the most expensive district of Spain rental wise with an average price per sqm2 at 15.90 Euros followed by the following areas: Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (14,7 €/sqm), Les Corts (14,1 €/sqm) and Eixample (13,4 €/sqm).

An increasing demand for medium term rentals

Barcelona attracts not only Erasmus coming to study or intern but professionals on short assignments as well. This population looks for a place to call home for a few months and would privilege centrally located furnished apartment. The two main “arrival” months are September and January, although there is a demand for temporary rental (31+ days) throughout the year.

This is the perfect option for the property owners who wish to keep their property to themselves in august and for Christmas/New Year holidays season, and rent it out the remaining months & generate substantial revenue.