Little gems from mid 19th and early 20th century often neglected over the years, these apartments carry the DNA of city.

What we love about them:

Their architectural features: high ceilings (3 meters and more), traditional ceramic flooring, Catalan vault in red bricks (natural or plastered), wooden beams & balcony overlooking the street.

Their central location: forget about the car, from the old city you would do everything on foot, bike or using Barcelona extensive public transport network.

The potential of this type of apartment in Barcelona once renovated both rental wise and reselling wise or simply to live in and enjoy Barcelona life.


Purchase price in Barcelona Old City is starting approx. at 130’000 Euros for 55sqm and 220’000 Euros for 100sqm in Raval. In these budgets, a full renovation is needed (budget range of 20’000 to 35’000 Euros).


Traditionally these Barcelona apartments open both on the street side and on the back internal courtyard left between buildings.

At the center, you would normally have one or two internal shaft to let the light come in.

Both fully refurbished and to be renovated apartments in Barcelona Old City can be found in this category.


A breathtaking modernist apartment in Barcelona Raval.

The building and the flat located in the heart of Raval, Old City,  is one of the catalogued examples of the modernistic movement (Gaudi’s movement) and was built in the year 1890. The building and the house have been preserved with all their magical features such as: Nolla colourful flooring, high and decorated ceilings, long and airy corridors, the iron works of the back facade and a smart distribution of the rooms allowing all of them to have access to outdoor spaces, such as internal patios or balconies.

This breathtaking apartment is the venue for Yoga Weeks Retreat and its retreats can be rented through AirBnB. More pictures and details available on these sites.

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