Barcelona Interior Design Services

At Barcelona Flat Hunter, we know how complex, frustrating and pricey renovation can be, especially when you are new in town or not fluent in Spanish. Not in the mood to compromise on style and quality, we aren’t either. As such, we offer to our clients in Barcelona interior design services (in house) as well as actual renovation services through our trusted partners. The end product: budget optimized renovation & home decorating projects that have vibes and style without breaking the bank.

Why did we choose to offer in Barcelona interior design services?


While looking for the perfect property in Barcelona Interior Design expertise comes as extremely handy as more often than not, the best bargains often require some renovation/redecoration work.

As such, our in house interior designer is involved whenever needed during the flat hunting phase without extra costs for our clients nor the obligation to retain our interior design services once the property purchased. Together with our trusted partners offering renovation services, it gives life to your project and allows you to visualize the actual end product.


In average the owners who have benefited from our Barcelona Interior Design services rent their property within 48H.

Known as “the art of designing the interior decoration of a room”, Interior Design makes a whole difference when it comes to renting your property. An apartment decorated with style & functionality would have potential tenants queuing to rent it, in opposition to a regular apartment that could remain advertised for weeks before eventually getting tenants.

Purchasing a property for your own personal use? We will make sure that you’ll end up with a beautiful and interesting space that feels like home.


At Barcelona Flat Hunter, we value the trust of our existing clients

and as such we offer professional interior design services in English while keeping your budget on track. A satisfied client is priceless.

Barcelona interior design services – what we offer.

At Barcelona Flat Hunter we do not believe in a “one size fits all” package,

the same applies to our interior design services. Our consulting services are fully customizable and we work hard to fit within each client’s budget and project needs.

From in-home consultation to breathe new life into your space and/or tackle specific interior issues to a full on interior design package including actual shopping, installation and styling, we are flexible. Let us know what you have in mind and we will take it from there!

Design (concept, 3D plan, floor plan, color scheme, lighting scheme)
Shop (Furniture, Accessory and Art Selections: sourcing & if needed buying)
Arrange (move furniture, paint, install fixtures, etc)
Finish (final touches, styling, home staging)

In the need for more than decorating?

Looking at modifying the interior layout, creating an extra bathroom or opening the kitchen, then architects, engineers and other renovation professionals would be needed.

Barcelona Flat Hunter works with professionals who will make your dream come true and ensure quality work within a reasonable budget.

You do not wish to deal with multiple interlocutors? Barcelona Flat Hunter can remain the main interface between you and these professionals, insuring that the project stays within timeline and budget while keeping you up to date on a regular basis.

Your dream place is getting even closer!

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