Ready for Spanish Residency ?

Spain grants non-EU citizens an automatic residence permit when spending 500.000 euros or more on real-estate in Spain

in 3 easy steps

Free Consultation

A successful investment always starts with a well-defined project. Our initial consultation will allow us to validate your project and answer your property and residency- related questions.

Golden Visa Barcelona Chinese Clients

Property Investment

We do not sell properties – we search within the entire market for the one that fits all your requirements. From there, we remain by your side to ensure your interests are protected at all times.

Golden Visa

Our in house lawyer with her strong experience in the field of investor visas will personally handle your residency process & ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Barcelona Golden Visa

Our services

Barcelona Flat Hunter exclusively works with foreign buyers and sources for them their perfect properties in Barcelona while saving them TIME, MONEY and HASSLE, and PROTECTING THEIR INTERESTS AT ALL TIMES.

As part of our Immigration Consulting Services, our in-house lawyer, together with our investment consultant based in Guangzhou (for our Chinese clients), will manage the entire “golden visa” process. Within 3 months after acquiring one or more properties with a minimum total value of Euros 500,000, you and your family will become the holder of a 2- year residence permit renewable for 5- year periods.

Purchasing a property and gaining residency in Spain for you and your family has never been easier!
Happy Family Starting their new life in Barcelonna

The Benefits

Visa free access to all 26 Schengen countries.
Residency for the entire family (ascendants/ descendants).
Easy renewal process not contingent on effective stay in Spain.
The right to establish a business/ to work in the country and benefit from a competitive taxation system.
Residency in one of the most sought- after cities in Europe
Barcelona offers a vibrant lifestyle, high level of education, attractive real-estate prices, a pleasant climate and quality healthcare.
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