We are Barcelona Flat Hunter,
a Buyer Agency
We do not sell properties,
We HUNT on your behalf
for the PERFECT one
We save you
& protect your interests at all time
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Who we are

Your interlocutor

Barcelona Flat Hunter is about you and your dream property. We hunt & secure the best deals, renovate the property & even manage it for you when you are away.

Flat hunting is our primary instrument for making your dream come true. That you are looking for the perfect place to live in or high return on investment through the purchase of a real-estate, we are here to assist you throughout the process all the way to the actual purchase. Only looking for punctual specific support? We can assist too.


At Barcelona Flat Hunter, we know how complex, frustrating and pricey renovation can be, especially when you are new in town or not fluent in Spanish. Not in the mood to compromise on style and quality, we aren’t either. As such, we offer to our clients in Barcelona interior design services (in house) as well as actual renovation services through our trusted partners.


A large majority of our clients only spend a few months per year in Barcelona (mostly in summer) and rent out the apartment the rest of the year. For them, we have designed a worry free property rental set of services where our agency not only ensure your apartment is rented & taken care of while you are away but as well offer the possibility to subscribe rent guarantee insurance & other services. Now you can truly sit back and relax.

Our Added Value

These are our special things

Barcelona Flat Hunter was born after its founder went through several property acquisitions in Barcelona, first hand experiences that showed the limits of the traditional real-estate providers when it comes to foreign buyers. The concept of Barcelona Flat Hunter, a service oriented agency exclusively focusing on the buyer’s side, was born.  Barcelona is a fantastic place to invest into real-estate if one has the right connections and knows how to navigate the system.

Barcelona Flat Hunter makes it easy for you & turns your project into reality.



Frustrated of making time to visit places only to find out that these have little to do with what was advertised or to leave Barcelona empty handed after days spent hunting for the perfect property?

We do all the ground work and pre-visit for you, ensuring that only places that truly match your criteria are presented. Short trip to Barcelona? We would organize a fully optimized agenda for you so that you waste no time & get a step closer to your dream place.



Attracted by what might appear at first as a “bargain”, especially in comparison with prices back home, buyers are often unsure on how to conduct negotiations and end up purchasing properties at prices higher than their real value.

At Barcelona Flat Hunter, we don’t just assess the properties we are presenting you, we negotiate the price down for you by 5 to 20% in average.



You have set your eyes on Barcelona but simply do not know where to start. The language barrier is an obstacle and between the formalities and the different steps of the purchasing process, it feels at times as if you just signed up for a special commando crash course.

We save you the headaches & hassles by assisting you throughout the entire process with formalities & even help you to obtain funding while ensuring all aspects of the property are checked.



Limiting your search to real-estate internet portal or to a few real-estate agencies is in most cases counterproductive.  More often than not, agencies, notaries, property managers rather communicate first to their own network (and thus saving themselves countless emails & visits).

At Barcelona Flat Hunter, we believe in our strong network to give you access to these properties before everyone else while ensuring at the same time that an extensive search has been conducted.



Real-estate agency fee is paid by the seller as it is him who mandated the agency to sell his property, as such a conflict of interest is not to be excluded.

At Barcelona Flat Hunter, we solely focus on the buyer side and thus ensure that the buyer’s interest is protected at all time. The only service fee received by Barcelona Flat Hunter is the one paid by the buyer to us.



You have secured your dream property and we are now proud to count you among our satisfied clients. Looking for a trusted interlocutor to oversee the decoration and/or renovation of your property? We would be glad to help.

Further down the road, you wish to have your property rented and managed when you are not using it ? Barcelona Flat Hunter offers as well property management service. Our objective, ease your real-estate project from A to Z.

Barcelona Flat Hunter has done a great job finding me the apartment that we like. The process took few weeks and everything was fast and precise to the point. Thank you for finding the right apartment that suits our taste and budget. We love it.
Khalid Y.
I was looking for a typical old charming flat in Barcelona to renovate, but needed good advices as I knew nothing in this business. BFH heard my wishes, found exactly what I was looking for and worked on the renovation plans. After facilitating all administration papers, they managed everything in less than 4 months, included buying, renovation and furbishing, all in respect with the planned budget. This flat is a little paradise, I couldn't hope for a better collaboration. I duly recommend Barcelona Flat Hunter!
Margaux M (Switzerland)
Just one word, “Superb”. Laetitia was a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process, very knowledgeable about the market and always went the extra mile when the unexpected happened. I have already recommended her to a number of friends.
Christophe & Washington (US/Brazil)
Thank you for everything, our satisfaction in owning a second home in Barcelona is largely thanks to you! Grazie di tutto Barcelona Flat Hunter, la nostra soddisfazione nell'aver preso casa a Barcellona è in gran parte merito tuo !
Pierpaolo & Filippo (Italy)
I will never forget how she advised me to postpone the second signature until I secured part of my loan. It even confirmed further then that she had my best interest at stake, and not looking just to close the deal. From there it was just a smooth ride, from opening a bank account, securing the credit, changing all the contracts of the apartment in my name, handling needed renovation, but also managing the property and the tenants when am abroad on my travels. Whatever you are looking for, a permanent home, a holiday real estate, an investment opportunity, or something in between, Laetitia will find it for you, and will make sure that your dream becomes finally a reality.
Ramy S. (Lebanon)


Real-estate trends, new regulations, up and coming opportunities, we share with you some insider information on the Spanish real-estate market but as well specifically on Barcelona market.
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